At the first Great Girls Network (GGN) networking meeting of the 2017, we shared the new tagline, evolved vision and plans for 2017. This direction was guided by the survey completed by almost 100 GGN members and conversations during networking meetings.  To learn about the current Tracks for GGN membership, annual membership fee, and vision, please read below.

Members expressed a strong desire for more frequent small-group gatherings so that members could share common experiences and build authentic relationships. In order to attend Track meetings you must be a member of GGN, in order to keep the confidentiality and sacredness of our conversations.  We have the following Tracks on Wednesday evenings each month except July:


This track helps build and expand on current and future career opportunities. Meetings will focus on topics such as solidifying your networks, both personal and professional, so that they truly serve you, and provide you with the assistance you need to continue on your path; mentoring each other in how to handle difficulties in your work life; learning how to create more balance between work life and personal life; and improving communication and conflict management skills to better manage your life.


This track focuses on allowing yourself to accommodate the “itch” to make changes in how you are living and what you are doing. Potential discussion topics include: opening up to different directions, possibilities, perhaps even career change; breaking out of the patterns that once served you but are now getting in the way of your progress; getting more comfortable in your own skin, speaking more authentically, with more self-awareness; and finding different people, connections, that lead you to new challenges and adventures.

Monday Magic!

A group of women came to us with a problem:  Wednesday evenings just don’t work for them!  But they wanted to join GGN, and they were looking for an alternative.  We did an Introductory meeting on Monday, January 14, 2019, from 10 am to 12 noon and it was a big hit!  So we have added this to our monthly calendar.  This one is still a Track meeting, and you must be a member to attend.  Conversation can be about anything that is up for you….  Whether you are challenged, excited or searching for new ideas, this is a great place to share and learn.  And we are so pleased that it gives us an alternative that works!