To enhance offerings and benefits for GGN members, the membership fee is only $50/year. Benefits for GGN membership include:

  • Attendance at any monthly Track meeting(s)
  • Reduced rate at our Semi-Annual Gatherings
  • Be included in and receive membership e-directory annually
  • Enables you to connect with women in an encouraging and authentic way
  • Gives you a sounding board as you work through pivotal life transitions
  • Empowering your inner strength and voice you may not have had before

If you join and attend a Track meeting but do not feel you made the right decision, you may contact Margery Miller ( who will gladly give you a refund of the fee.

Why do we ask you to join before attending Track meetings?

These are not simply “drop-in” networking events.  Our Track meetings are regularly attended by members who are committed to personal and/or professional growth.  By joining, even if you only attend one or two Track meetings over a period of time, it indicates that you have understood the mission and purpose of GGN and are willing to participate in the conversation on a meaningful level.  What we are experiencing in these Track meetings is a level of honesty and authenticity that is rare to find.  We invariably leave each one with a sense of belonging, having learned something about ourselves and others.  The “cross-pollination” of the variety of ages and backgrounds enables us to see things from what may be a completely new perspective.

If you need help with the membership fee, we do offer scholarships!  Please contact Margery Miller ( for information for yourself or another woman.

By joining, you immediately get listed in our Directory.  Please fill out what you want your listing to look like.


Membership Renewal

Step 1:  log in with your member password

Step 2:  find “renew, upgrade or update billing”

Step 3:  choose Payment Option (one-time or auto-recurring)

Step 4:  click Save & Continue