Finding Peace in Everyday Life by Ann Ranson

So many of the women I talk with today say something is missing in their lives. Even those who have successful careers, marriages and health.

What’s missing you may ask, what with all of that ‘success’!

A deep sense of self.

At times it seems as if you’re going through the motions – life on autopilot. The years and then decades speeding by.

Through all the busy-ness, you’ve lost some piece of your center and your purpose. And you’ve begun to wonder if and how you can get it back.

This is the issue at the core of Finding Peace in Everyday Life!

To find peace in everyday life you must get out of your rut and reconnect with your true self. Because women who do break out are like Wonder Woman — discovering their full powers and true destiny.

Not knowing your true self puts you at risk of wasting precious time without real fulfillment, of dying with a list of regrets and of ending up with all kinds of problems when you reach old age.

But it’s not too late to find deep satisfaction in your life.

Here are three steps you can take to find peace and yourself along the journey of a lifetime.

Step One:  Find, create and enjoy Oasis Moments. You know those times when you pause long enough to really see that beautiful sunset. When you notice the beauty of a woman sitting across from you. Oasis Moments take you out of the drama unfolding around you and connects you, even briefly, to something that is real and good. The more time we spend seeing and experience the good around us, the less time the critical judge in our head has to sound off. As you see good, more good arrives for you to see.  Isn’t it wonderful how that works!

Oasis Moments also force you into the present moment. And that’s where your real power lies. Stress and anxiety can’t survive when you’re in the present moment and in your power. And Oasis Moments lay fertile groundwork for Step Two.

Step Two:  Now that you’re in the habit of pausing to see good, take a journey within. Observe, honor and explore – your beliefs, your reactions, and especially your self-image. Notice how you feel when someone offers an idea you don’t like. Do you get defensive? Do you know why? Or, do you let it go, knowing that their opinion has no impact on you? Keep your figurative mirror handy!

Find ways to get to know yourself.

Step Three:  Make choices for your highest good. As you take your journey, explore options for new ways to do things. Get out of your rut. Identify your passions and what brings you joy, then schedule time for them.

There’s one choice I’d really like you to make, “Stop scaring yourself!”  People get super caught up in the fear around them or in the stories that are being repeated. Stop. Tell yourself a new story. Tell yourself, “I can do this. I’ve done far harder. I’ve built a successful career climbing the corporate ladder. I’ve raised 2 children as a single parent. I can put my happiness and well-being near or at the top of the list.”

Finding Peace in Everyday Life is a journey of self-discovery. Start by creating Oasis Moments, then Journey Within for the trip of a lifetime, then make New Choices, breaking out of old ruts. These three steps will bring you the kind of peace that can only come from within.

Ann Ranson is a coach, facilitator and GGN member who also shares her love of tea through

By The Grace of Tea

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