Please ask us any questions about GGN, our careers, work-life balance, etc. You can address your question to the general team or to a specific leadership team member. We will post the questions and replies below.

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Questions & Answers:

Q: Are there scholarships available to cover the membership dues?

A: Yes! We want all interested women to be able to join us, so if paying the $50 a year fee is an issue, simply contact to arrange for a scholarship. You can also ask for a scholarship for someone you would like to join who can’t afford it. Just ask!

Q: Hi Margery! My name is Mikea. I am a friend of Launa Kliever’s. I just wanted to get in touch to find out if there are any events coming up, that you can pay for individually without becoming a member just yet. I know there was a “Be Well” meeting this past Wednesday that I missed, and I am looking for events somewhat similar to that.

A: Great to hear from you, Mikea!  We set up the membership so that when people attend the Track meetings they have made a commitment to the values of GGN and will be willing to not only show up but to participate in the meetings.  As you see above, if you would like a scholarship, we have that available.  And if you do pay the membership fee and decide it is not for you after attending a Track meeting, we will gladly refund your membership fee.

What happens in these Track meetings is amazing, and we want the attendees to be able to know they are in a safe space, they can be open and vulnerable and say whatever they want to say, speaking their truth.  That is not as possible in a more open forum, when people who aren’t members can attend.  For that, we have the two large gatherings each year.

Q: Hi!  This looks so amazing but I live in Oak Cliff and driving to Addison is not something I can consistently commit to.  Do you have representation in more Dallas central locations?  Or is that something you would be open to – having smaller cohorts in different parts of the city?  Thank you, Rebekah
A:  Thanks so much for asking, Rebekah.  Right now, we don’t have a lot of activities in other parts of the city, however, we do have special events from time to time.  For example, we celebrated International Women’s Day with a lunch and learn gathering at Chocolate Secrets in Oak Lawn on March 8.  We are looking to do some more of those there, as it is a wonderful location.  We only hold two large, public invited gatherings each year – Spring and Fall – and we find women come from as far as McKinney from the north, Fort Worth from the west, and some of the smaller towns south of Dallas.  Joining GGN doesn’t mean you have to come to everything!  We have our Track meetings each month (except July) and people pick and choose when it fits their schedules.
Our Track meetings are not in Addison, but at Margery’s house which is in southwest Richardson, very accessible from 75 and Belt Line Rd, not that far north.  And we changed the time to 7 – 9 pm for the Wednesday evening ones (2 each month) and added a Monday morning one from 10 – 12 for people who can’t do evenings.  We just aren’t large enough as an organization to require several different gatherings.  Perhaps you will be able to come on April 3rd to our Spring Gathering (go to our Events to register) and you will get a sense of what we’re about, then it might not seem such a long drive!